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Slovensko 2017

Česko 2017

Evangelizace v České republice a na Slovensku

Maybe you met with us on the street, maybe you know us from the churches, we are ordinary Christians who come to help those who need salvation. We do all this out of love for Jesus and we sincerely love this activity.

Confession of Faith: We believe that Jesus was born as the son of God to save the lost, was crucified, died, and rose from the dead on the third day. On the cross, the reconciliation of fallen humanity with God the Father was completed through the sacrifice of the lamb without the sin of Jesus Christ. Those who receive this sacrifice with faith with all their heart will receive eternal life by giving. By the resurrection of Jesus, God confirmed the truthfulness of Jesus’ statements, and proved that God and Father were one.


Pája (Team Support, evangelization) I am a young person, but that does not mean I can not believe in a living God.

Petra (Team support, evangelization) Why do I evangelize? It’s a great way to help people who are in a difficult situation. We ourselves can not help them, but Jesus is powerful and will do it for them. ”

 Kája (Team support, evangelization) I’m glad I could tell a lot of people about Jesus, and I believe it will work. Maybe not right now, but over time they can think about it … They will definitely touch it. I am glad to pray for their healing and other needs.


 Martin (Technical background, evangelization) Before evangelism, I feel a spiritual struggle with the darkness, but as soon as we approach a given place, the fire of the Spirit takes occlude me, and I´m immediately strengthened and go to places, I would not normally go.


 Ája (Organization, evangelization) Each of us needs Jesus. I enjoy talking to people about his love.

  Arnošt (Team profiling, evangelization) I consider evangelization a part of God’s nature given to me through the relationship with God, and therefore I am ready to surrender God’s message whenever I am with people, and I know that whatever happens, I will stay cool.

     Honza (Prayer Team, Prayer Group of Šumperk Christians)



 Aleš (Team support, evangelisation) Our Lord and King Jesus Christ sends us to find his children. He gives us merciful heart. He want them to save through His Spirit in us. We want to help him in that difficult service from the heavenly Father for which he laid his own life. Help the children of God return home.

Víťa (Media, evangelisation) My motto: “Go and say everyone that the Kingdom of Heaven has come near.” Do what you want others to do to you, to care for the poor and the needy, to heal the sick, to wake the dead, to leprosy, to demons get free, get free, give free. ”



Honza (Translations, evangelisation) We were team of disciples of Jesus Christ in the city centre of Brno. God connected us in his work. We pray for pains of people and people were healed. Several people were praying prayer of salvation and accepted Jesus into their hearts. The best came towards the end. We were giving our care to an old man and he felt into tears. And he hugged me and I hugged him. Jesus touched him through me. The man repented and accepted Jesus. Than he was baptised in the holy spirit and started praying in tongues. Befero that we were praying for man, with whom we can talk to depths of heart and God gave it. I stroke him on the face and he stroke me. Than he kissed me and I kissed him. The love of Jesus were fleeding to him through us. Hallelujah. Thank you the team, that I came to spread the kingdom of God to Brno.

Martina (Team support, evangelisation) I like preaching the gospel, because Jesus has sent us like his friends who bring his love, life and peace and law other people. I think we give the power from heaven to the world and Jesus is able to touch people through us.

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