Ružomberok, Liptovský Hrádok, Dolní Kubín


The evangelistic events in Liptov and Orava were a living testimony of the unification of the churches in a joint work. The event involved 7 denominations, lasted a week, and is staying deep into the hearts of the participants.
In addition to the service of the Gospel and assistance to the needy, we have experienced personal formation and growth in this event. Mutual sharing was of great importance for building the body of Christ.
In each city, it was different to evangelize, because of the different spiritual atmosphere of the cities.
In addition to evangelizing activity and shaping all of us, we have witnessed in the churches and tried to be encouraging for new evangelists.
In the regions of poverty, we preached the gospel to the crowd of people, and each of them was hungry for God’s word. They have always stayed in our hearts and we will try to do much for them in the future.
A great place in this evangelistic campaign was also the public sermon in busy places of cities, where we tried to reach out to more people. The Lord opened the door to the institutes for the sick, where the local church was promised another activity.




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