JESUSFORYOU is here since 2015 and is founded by AJA Svobodova.
It is group of Christians, mostly evangelists.
We are feeling be like the “first church”. We believe in Jesus Christ, live according to Bible and help people to live a full life which Jesus is giving them.

Our story

We live for Jesus Christ. It is about give Him whole life. It is about serving to Him; serving to those who He is sending us to help.

We´ve started in 2015 and we´ve never stopped it. Because it is important to be there for the others and love Jesus truly. We are able to go behind the limits. If Jesus calls us we are faithfull and are running through. So you can meet us in the Czech republic the same like in whole world to serve Him.

We are called to various places to be there help, God´s light and preachers of Gospel.
We are filling the plan God has gave us for His joy.

Thanks God for our team, we are like family, full of peace.
And God is with us on every step.