Informace o Ježíši Kristu


JESUSFORYOU was founded in 2015 by Alena Svobodová (AYA) as an evangelistic group with operations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with occasional trips abroad. The main reason for the establishment was the background for the evangelists of these two countries.

From 2015 to 2021, this evangelistic group dealt with various evangelizations. It intervened in cities in street evangelism, helping different groups of people in different living conditions.

In this group, evangelists gained experience and background. Many of them started their own activities or advanced to stronger activities (other areas, other places, other services, etc.)

As part of JESUSFORYOU’s activities, foreign trips to a narrower group also took place.

Since 2022, our activities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia have changed according to the vision of „one heart“. JESUSFORYOU has since been an information portal for the support of Czech and Slovak evangelists and mutual cooperation between them.

A vision of „one heart“, a vision of unity and cooperation.

United in Christ, as servants of God, who love the Lord with all their hearts and are one with one another.

We do not seek to create a single neutral religion or a broad unity of all ministers, but in a common service, all centered on Christ, to respect each other and to support even better.

United in Christ through our surrendered service to God-centered on Him, we may go side by side and, in mutual help, leave the differences between us. This is not an ecumenical unification, but a unification at heart. I.e. A deep love for Christ makes us united with others who love Christ deeply. This includes lifting a falling brother. And there is a wide tolerance in love. However, inclination to idols and hatred of brothers must not be allowed. Only focusing on our Christ teaches the right way.

We want to subdue this „one heart“ vision to the JESUSFORYOU information portal.

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